<em><strong>”5 Stars”</strong></em>
Michelle L. | Vimbly | Jan. 2017
Highly intensive workout! Spent 30 minutes warming up with various squats, sits, crawls, jumps, and cardio. The last 30 minutes spent learning how to jab and cross. Recommend to those who want to learn boxing basics!

<em><strong>”5 Stars”</strong></em>
Iva D. | Yelp | Jan. 2017
Alright, I’ve been coming here for almost two years now and it’s high time I wrote a review. To say that this place has changed my life would be an understatement. The classes are intense, (and at first seemed very intimidating) yes, but there’s room and consideration for all tiers of people. I was an absolute rookie who didn’t know a jab from a cross when I began, but can vouch for the classes which will focus on getting your fundamentals right before you upgrade to doing anything more complex. I’ve gone from huffing and puffing through a burpee to being able to crank out twenty in a row (with room for more). I take the evening classes which focus alternately on technique and conditioning, give you a barn burner of a workout.

Oh and also, my Church Street experience would be incomplete without a special shout out to Demetri. I started lifting heavy weights with him, after asking about how I could improve my strength to do better push-ups and a full pull-up. I’d spent too much time doing useless bicep curls with the 10lb dumbbells, but since training with him, I’ve increased the force of my hooks, deadlifted 135 lbs (RIP little 10 lb bicep curls). He’s an excellent teacher, patient (especially with noobs, like me) focused on safety, a brutal stickler for correct form, and will not push you beyond what your capability is. My footwork improved because of all the heavy squats and jumps I’ve worked on with him, my punches land better, and I have more upper body strength than I’d ever dreamed of. If you need something to complement and improve your boxing routine, go lift with him!

<em><strong>”5 Stars”</strong></em>
Martinez I. | Facebook | Jan. 2017
THE BEST. I’m a professional fighter and it is hard to find real boxing gyms but church street boxing it is just the ‘BEST’ not only to pro fighters but also for amateurs, beginners and people that just love to workout great aura great people.

<em><strong>”5 Stars”</strong></em>
Tink K. | Yelp | Jan. 2017
I have been member for about 5 months now. And I absolutely love it. The trainers are super chill and easy to get along with. The people who come here are extremely friendly. The front desk staff are all so nice. I’m especially thankful Demetri because he is literally one of the main reasons I decided to stick with this gym… Thanks Demetri~ If it weren’t for you, I may never have signed up for a membership and I would have completely missed out on all the wonderful people and community you got here.

<em><strong>”5 Stars”</strong></em>
Kristian A. | Facebook | Nov. 2016
Awesome atmosphere and great pt. Trained there for one day when passing through for the ufc.

<em><strong>”5 Stars”</strong></em>
Katelyn K. | Facebook | Nov. 2016
Church Street is so welcoming and helpful at any level you are at. If you’re serious about working out and learning this is a solid place and environment to do so.

<em><strong>”5 Stars”</strong></em>
Mickey C. | Facebook | Oct. 2016
Loved it !! Kicked my butt the instructor was great look forward to coming back!!

<em><strong>”5 Stars”</strong></em>
Sam H. | Facebook | Oct. 2016
This is my go to gym. Authentic. Old school. Everthing you need is here. A definite location for anyone with boxing experience or anyone looking to jump into the real deal. A very professional gym. Instructors are very knowledgeable and have lots of experience in fitness training. I took the bootcamp class 2-3 times a week, such a blast. I learned alot about boxing techniques and how it incorporates to bootcamp fitness, I had such a time of my life working out and learning many new things. Many of the clients that workout next to you, seem like such friendly folks and they cheer you on and motivate you so much. I highly recommend this gym if you want one hell of a workout and also learning many disciplines of boxing.

<em><strong>”5 Stars”</strong></em>
Gautham C. | Google | Oct. 2016
Amazing atmosphere, no frills, no bullsh*t boxing gym. It’s probably the source of my hardest workouts and best results.

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